About us

ALVA Foundation promotes voluntarism and creates space for voluntary action. our platform provides a way for volunteers and organizations to connect and work together towards common goals defined by the organizations.

As a network, it attempts to bring about a convergence of common sectoral issues and concerns for building a truly National agenda of voluntary action in the country. It also facilitates linkages of various efforts and initiatives of the voluntary sector in the country for a multiplier effect, to create and sustain the process of change in an organic manner.

Membership within ALVA provides an extensive selection of services meant to enhance the capabilities and knowledge of member organizations in order to strengthen their overall effectiveness. Members are offered the opportunity to participate in useful workshops, discussion panels, conferences and lectures on a broad range of relevant issues. They will be able to utilise ALVA as their voice and their gateway to the media, politicians, civil servants, international agencies and other NGOs. Most importantly members become involved in a partnership and a network, which works towards the common goal and interests of the sector.
To accomplish these ends, ALVA provides services through the following media:

Civil Society Voices, our quarterly magazine, is a premium publication for the voluntary sector containing legal matters, government notifications and a number of useful articles. It has become immensely popular and is found very useful by government departments, ministries, academic institutions, funding agencies and by all our members and their networks.

e-ALVA is a monthly web-based newsletter providing updates on ALVA’s activities and programmes. It offers resources which are of use to development professionals as well as information on government policies, funding and forthcoming events such as training programmes, conferences and consultations both here and abroad

We also bring out useful voluntary sector related publications, which we provide free to our members. Many of them are based on intensive research relevant to the voluntary sector. A comprehensive list is given in our publication section.

ALVA’s Convention is an annual flagship event. It is an ideal occasion for networking, education, and entertainment for our members and other stakeholders in the voluntary sector.

All our members have the privilege of being listed free in the Members Directory on our website www.alvafoundation.org. This helps them gain visibility both nationally and internationally.

ALVA is the authentic voice of the voluntary sector in India and lobbies for all voluntary sector matters before the Central & State Governments. We are particularly active in presenting various policies, regulations and advisories through our annual pre-budget memorandum and throughout the year. By sharing views and problems, our members help us in representing their specific matters and the issues facing the voluntary sector more effectively to the Central & State Governments and their agencies.

We also maintain a database on global & Indian voluntary organisations. We also keep information on various aspects of the voluntary sector including sector specific NGOs, academic institutions, consultants and consultancy firms involved in the voluntary sector. Such information is communicated to our members generally through our news magazine and specifically on request from other stakeholders.

ALVA also undertakes analysis of the central budget from the perspective of voluntary sector and disseminates the same to its members and other stakeholders of the sector within few hours from the time it is presented by the finance minister. This is aimed at keeping members and other stakeholders of the sector duly updated of the announced programmes and policies for the sector and how its impacts the sector in overall measure.